Psychiatrist Near Me Accepting New Patients

Psychiatrist Near Me Accepting New Patients

Seeking a psychiatrist who is accepting new patients can be a daunting task, especially when you’re navigating the challenges of mental health and hoping to find support quickly. In the period before your first appointment, there are self-soothing techniques that can be beneficial for managing symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression, among other conditions.

Self-Soothing Explained Self-soothing represents a form of “emotional first aid” to use during moments of distress, panic, or sadness. These techniques are designed to be accessible, requiring minimal to no special equipment, making them practical for immediate relief. While not a replacement for professional psychiatric care, self-soothing can complement a doctor’s treatment plan, offering short-term relief as part of a long-term recovery strategy.

Understanding DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a behavioral therapy that stems from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, aimed at aiding individuals with intense emotions in regulating their moods. It’s particularly effective for emotional dysregulation associated with various conditions, including bipolar disorder and substance abuse. DBT equips individuals with skills to manage emotions constructively rather than resorting to self-destructive behaviors.

Self-Soothing Techniques There are several creative self-soothing strategies to help manage difficult emotions, particularly useful during times of isolation or reduced human contact. Here are top methods to regulate your mood during emotional distress:

Focus on Your Breath: Mindful breathing can reset your nervous system, alleviating anxiety. Techniques range from slow breathing to “square” breathing, where you inhale and exhale for equal counts.
Self-Soothing Touch: Applying your hands to your belly or heart can be grounding. Tapping various pressure points on your body is another method to soothe yourself.
Change Your Setting: Sometimes, a change of scenery by stepping outside or taking a short walk can help reset your thinking and reduce stress.
Physical Movement: Engaging in physical activities, from stretching to running, can help release “stuck” energy and combat negative thoughts and emotions.
Warm Bath or Shower: Utilizing relaxing bath salts or simply enjoying the warm water can relax your muscles and help you regain composure.
Explore Aromatherapy: Using essential oils and a diffuser can clear a room’s energy and ground you. Lavender, peppermint, and lemon are popular for stress relief and uplifting spirits.
Light a Candle: The soothing presence of a candle, or looking at comforting imagery, can provide a sense of calm and relaxation.
Listen to Music: With access to the internet and headphones, soothing music or stress-relieving binaural beats are readily available to help ease anxiety or discomfort.
Seeking Professional Help While self-soothing techniques are valuable, they’re part of a broader approach to managing mental health. Lake Worth Psychiatry is here to provide professional psychiatric support. Remember, emotions, though intense, are temporary and can offer insights into our well-being. By applying self-soothing methods, individuals can better navigate their emotional experiences and support their overall mental health journey.

For those looking to complement self-soothing practices with psychiatric care, Lake Worth Psychiatry welcomes new patients. Reach out to begin your path to recovery and enhance your quality of life.

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Psychiatrist Near Me Accepting New Patients


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