Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Lake Worth Psychiatry provides Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), an effective psychotherapy method for healing trauma, depression, and other emotional disorders. Developed in the 1980s and 1990s by psychologist Dr. Richard Schwartz, IFS has been supported by extensive empirical research, affirming its efficacy in treating psychological disorders.

IFS Therapy employs a compassionate approach, enabling individuals to develop greater self-compassion through the guidance of an IFS-trained therapist. This process involves identifying and understanding the various “parts” or aspects of oneself, each performing specific roles to support overall functioning.

A fundamental principle of IFS is the recognition that individuals possess multiple “internal parts” akin to sub-personalities that form an inner family. It is normal and beneficial for people to have diverse aspects of themselves, providing the flexibility to navigate various life situations. Each part is viewed as having a positive intention, despite potential conflicts among them, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and maladaptive behaviors. The goal of IFS Therapy is to foster understanding and dialogue within one’s inner family, under the guidance of a therapist.

The therapy categorizes internal parts into roles, including “Protectors,” which shield individuals from emotional pain of past traumas, and “Exiles,” parts holding emotional pain subconsciously. The “Core Self,” representing inner goodness, becomes strengthened through therapy, reducing the influence of Exiles and Protective Parts. This process results in increased calmness, curiosity, compassion, courage, and clarity.

Initially, the internal family parts may lack coordination, leading to psychological and physical stress symptoms. However, as the Core Self assumes a leadership role, other internal parts develop trust in it, enhancing self-acceptance and contentment, and reducing the need for troubling symptoms.


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