Genetic Testing through Genesight

Lake Worth Psychiatry offers genetic testing through Genesight, a service that utilizes a simple cheek swab to analyze a patient’s DNA. This analysis provides psychiatrists at the practice with valuable information to help them select medications that are more likely to result in a positive outcome. The GeneSight test delivers essential insights into how certain medications may need dose adjustments, could lead to an increased risk of side effects, or might not be effective at all, based on an individual’s genetic profile. Given that clinical studies indicate only about 50% of people respond to their first medication trial, this test targets the other 50%, and it is often covered by insurance.

Choosing the right medication can often be a difficult, lengthy process of trial and error, potentially leading to adverse side effects or persistent symptoms with minimal relief. The GeneSight test examines an individual’s genetic variations to determine their response to every medication available on the market, producing an easy-to-understand report. This comprehensive report is reviewed with the patient upon a follow-up visit, offering insights into why certain medications may not have been effective or why certain classes of drugs may be less suitable. Patients are given this report to keep as a permanent record once a treatment decision has been made.

The GeneSight test specifically evaluates how one’s genes can influence the effectiveness of medications used to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, and other mental health conditions. It identifies whether a medication is likely to require dosage adjustments, be less effective, or lead to an increased risk of side effects based on the patient’s DNA. Additionally, the test can determine an individual’s ability to synthesize neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, or if there are specific synthetic pathways that need correction. This tool is particularly valuable for individuals who have experienced side effects or have not had the expected response to medications, as it removes much of the guesswork and employs science to improve mental health outcomes.

Utilizing the GeneSight test for guiding treatment decisions has been shown to increase the likelihood of patients achieving remission compared to standard treatment approaches. The clinical validity, utility, and economic benefits of the GeneSight Psychotropic test have been supported by numerous published, peer-reviewed clinical trials.


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