Organization OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric condition characterized by distressing and repetitive thoughts, known as obsessions, which compel individuals to perform certain actions, referred to as compulsions. These compulsions may be carried out once or repeatedly until the individual experiences a sense of relief. Engaging in these compulsions can be deeply troubling and bothersome to the individual, a phenomenon referred to as ego-dystonic.

Obsessions and compulsions can vary significantly among individuals, and doctors typically classify OCD into specific categories or clusters. It is common for individuals to experience symptoms from multiple categories, and these symptoms may evolve over time or shift from one category to another.

Organization Subtype

  • The most recognizable form of OCD.
  • Involves obsessions about things being in exactly the right place or symmetrical
  • For example, someone may feel the need to have all wall hangings level, all labels on cans in the pantry face in one direction or coffee cups in the same direction
  • If the person doesn’t perform the compulsions they might experience distress as OCD is ego-dystonic, the person does not like performing the compulsion, it bothers them.
  • Some extreme cases one may have thoughts that the lack of organization will cause some unrelated harm to them or their loved ones (if I don’t perform this organizational task a loved one would become ill)


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