Couple Counseling

For a primary couple’s relationship to thrive, both partners must demonstrate equal and reciprocal loyalty to one another, as per their mutual understanding of loyalty. Challenges may arise when loyalties are imbalanced or not mutually shared. Additionally, each partner must contribute sufficient value to the relationship.

In our approach to couples counseling, we adopt a solution-focused perspective. An essential aspect of effective couples therapy is initially assessing whether couples counseling or divorce counseling is more appropriate. Therefore, our couples therapists evaluate each partner’s loyalty to the relationship and their willingness to enhance it, including any instances of divided loyalties.

In troubled relationships, conflicting loyalties often contribute to discord. Therefore, our therapists conducting couples counseling carefully evaluate the nature and extent of these conflicting loyalties. Subsequently, they assess each partner’s dedication to resolving relationship issues. If there is a significant imbalance in commitment levels between partners, the effectiveness of couples therapy may be compromised.

Once both partners demonstrate a sufficient level of commitment, the therapeutic process begins by revisiting positive memories associated with each other and their relationship. This phase may involve utilizing couples hypnosis techniques to facilitate relaxation and reduce defensive barriers. Addressing defensiveness is crucial at the outset of Couples Therapy to foster a more open and constructive dialogue.

Rebuilding a couple’s relationship should incorporate elements of enjoyment and playfulness alongside the necessary work. While the process requires effort, if it becomes overly serious and lacks moments of levity, motivation to continue therapy may diminish. It’s essential for the repair process to foster a sense of reconnection, allowing partners to forge new positive experiences together.

Our couples therapists integrate principles from Imago Relationship Therapy and the Gottman Method, enhancing the efficiency and depth of Couple Counseling. By incorporating these approaches, therapy sessions become more concise, profound, and impactful. Specifically:

  • The Gottman Method developed by psychologist John Gottman, provides a model for evaluating what he termed the “Four Horseman of a Relationship Apocalypse”.  These factors can spell disaster for an enduring couples relationship.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy developed by psychologist Harville Hendrix, provides a methodology for helping a couple recognize the qualities that originally attracted them to each other and formed the glue that kept them together as a couple.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy, if the partners are committed to relationship repair, can help to reboot the relationship and redevelop mutual appreciation, respect and love.
  • Additionally, we employ straightforward behavioral psychology methods to help each partner become more attentive to their partner and more rewarding.
  • Again, these methods only work with couples who are committed to improving or saving their relationship.

Couple Counseling can be both enriching and enjoyable, fostering personal growth and development within the relationship. While it may not always be light-hearted, it offers valuable insights and opportunities for enlightenment. Effective couples counseling plays a pivotal role in establishing and strengthening mutual trust, which serves as the foundation for a thriving and enduring partnership between two individuals.


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