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If anyone needs to talk to someone special this is absolutely the place to go. I have been coming here for the last six months I would never go anywhere else. All the doctors and therapists are compassionate and understanding to your feelings. You may walk in feeling lonely, and maybe depressed but, I can guarantee you’ll walk out feeling different. I feel very lucky and fortunate to be under their care 🌹


Dr. Phelps is incredibly caring, understanding and patient. He’s down to earth and knows what he’s doing! It’s easy to trust him. I’m grateful hubby and I have him to turn to when life gets tough! You’re in excellent hands with Dr. Phelps!


I am so grateful for Delray Beach Psychiatry. Dr. Ferrera has helped me immensely since I first started seeing her, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a psychiatrist. It was immediately apparent that she is an expert on medication and that she genuinely cares about her patients and helping them get better. All of the staff there are amazing and it is always a pleasant experience going there.


Navin the office manager was EXTREMELY helpful in the time of need for my prescription refill. I work on a bulk cargo ship one month on, two weeks off so I usually see the doctor in person on my time off. We are short staffed so I have to stay longer than expected.

It was the weekend when I needed to get my medications in a timely manner, and she gave me several updates and not to worry that you will have your medications when you get to port at the pharmacy. It was a huge struggle, with the pharmacy being the biggest issue asking for approval from the doctor via verbal… Etc. But she managed to get over that hurdle. I also have to give her mad props for sticking it out and helping me with extreme patience along the way on a SUNDAY.

One of the pharmacies didn’t have my medication in stock so she was able to send it to a nearby pharmacy that had it in stock within less then two hours and was ready when I got there.

I was so nervous I was going to be out of medication for 30 days especially at the first Walgreens that didn’t have one medication in stock. We both look around and found a Walgreens that did have the other medication in stock because who knows when I’ll be at the next port, so we had to find one nearby quickly.

She was calm, comforting, and professional throughout the problem I had, and I was able to get my medications and all my anxiety/stress has been relieved knowing I’m good for another 30 days.

Thank you Navin, I hope you can tell your boss that you and the practice itself, actually cares for their patients. If it were another psychiatric group they would have cared less if I was out of medication and not even have the services that you provided for me on the weekend, let alone a Sunday.

Last message: I recommend this practice they are there when they need you even on a weekend for emergencies(not 911 emergencies) . You can leave a voicemail and you will get a return call and there are on-call doctors to help you out.

Thank you again Navin.


Hands down the best place to get psychiatric/mental health care.

Dr. Sorial is incredible. He truly listens. Like, he listens to understand YOU. Your specific experience, and your specific situation. He NEVER throws his hands up with “idk what to do, it must be your fault” (yes I’ve had this happen before at a different place). And he ALWAYS has options available, to ensure you never lose hope. A rare super psychiatrist, in my opinion. One of the good ones.

The staff is equally incredible. Never before have I had my call answered as quickly as here. Never before have I consistently gotten calls back on the rare chance I do leave a voicemail. And never before have I seen such a caring, service oriented staff.

If I could rate this place a 6/5, I would. And, based off my history of reviews… and the fact I spent the time to actually write this review, without any compensation whatsoever… that’s saying something.



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