Janette Pellus LCSW

I am a master’s level therapist with many years of training in individual and group therapy settings within a variety of challenging institutional as well as clinical settings. My career has mostly focused on empowering others to safely explore their thoughts and feelings to truly understand the root cause of one’s problems. I believe finding meaning and purpose in experiences that are beyond our control can help provide a foundation for personal growth and development.

I practice with a broad range of therapeutic modalities, some of which include DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Schema Therapy and Mindfulness therapy. This helps disconnect the emotional mind from the rational self. I am excited to see new clients achieve new capacities in themselves and to find a more meaningful sense of connectedness to those around them and in their lives.

When not seeing clients, I personally love to spend time with my grandchildren. The peace, tranquility and in the moment, fun, is certainly cherished. I also engage in various self-care activities such as relaxing on the beach, gardening or reading a good book.