Dr. Andrew Sorial MD

I am one of the few locals that was born and raised right here in beautiful Boca Raton. I enjoyed my childhood playing sports that included basketball and football yet I always excelled academically. I learned from an early age I was inquisitive, astute and enjoy using my mind. I went to Spanish River High School and graduated from FAU. Upon graduation I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare as I worked at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Weston and later in the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. Serving those who served this country was one of the most humbling and enlightening experiences of my life. It also shaped, cultivated and allowed me to discover my true passion for Psychiatry. I later completed my Psychiatry training in Miami and then returned to what I consider home, to Boca Raton, to be closer to my very tightknit family. I was excited to join Boca Raton Psychiatry and have been a psychiatrist in the practice for years.

In my free time I enjoy passing time at the beach or park, playing sports, relaxing with friends and family and talking about cars. I also love to travel and have been to over fifty countries where I was able to taste many different cuisines. I have been told by those around me that I am kind, caring, compassionate, genuine and respectful. I look forward to fostering wonderful relationships with my patients on a journey to health and happiness.